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Insurance Direct Rates is your Internet portal toward learning more about America’s top insurance providers and helps you make informed decisions to obtain the most effective and affordable insurance protection for your family. Whether you are looking to save money on auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance or health insurance, we put you in touch with local insurance agents and insurance brokers offering the best insurance rates possible. Insurance Direct Rates does not market or sell insurance and is not affiliated with any insurance companies. Because we are not affiliated with any insurance companies, we can offer the most professional, unbiased assessments of the nation’s top insurance providers.

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More than just providing free insurance quotes, educating people about bundling services, using
the correct deductible, and comparing multiple insurance rates. We also provide insurance
resources. Insurance Direct Rates has the necessary insurance industry experience and professional
expertise to help consumers save a bundle on their insurance needs. We also encourage you to
stay abreast of current events with our up-to-date.

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